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Hi, I'm Liam Jay. I'm a Graphic Designer and Front End Web Developer.
I create problem solving, quality, strategic design, both in print and on the web.

A little bit about me

Hello. My name is Liam Jay. I'm a professional web designer, and CSS/HTML/jQuery/Wordpress front-end programmer.

I currently put my design and web coding skills to good use working for the guys at Love Creative UK.

I'm very enthusiastic about the web, design, typography, web standards, user experience & Wordpress. I've had experience designing logos for businesses & producing bespoke online brand experiences.

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I am Liam Jay on Google+

"Liam is a designer whose talents continue to amaze me. His attention to detail and vivid imagination results in some really impeccable designs."

Rhys Knight Neat Books


Check out my portfolio to see my full range of design and web work. Below is a small list of websites that I have recently been working on to improve their design and builds.

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And so it ends!

It feels a little aberrant to write this, but I won’t be posting cake recipes online every month next year!