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Mar 2014

Sublime Text 3 – wrapping selection in tag shortcut

Posted by Liam

As a front-end web developer, something I seem to end up doing a lot of times is wrapping individual lines, or wrapping a section of code with HTML tags.

For example, I might have received a text document from a Continue Reading »

Code wrapping


Jan 2014

Something you didn’t know about CAPTCHA

Posted by Liam

You know those annoying boxes that make you enter a few words into a box before you can continue submitting a comment/downloading a file/some other action, they’re called CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Continue Reading »

Captcha Example


Dec 2013

And so it ends!

Posted by Liam

It feels a little aberrant to write this, but I won’t be posting cake recipes online every month next year! I’ll still be baking the occasional cake, but after 24 months and 26 cakes, my little side-project is coming Continue Reading »

Cake Slices


Nov 2013

My favourite games from this generation

Posted by Liam

It’s a little strange but exciting to think that, after many years of waiting and speculation, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be cropping up in living rooms all over the world. It’s a tantalising prospect but before the Continue Reading »



Oct 2013

Trick or Treacle packaging design

Posted by Liam

It’s quite rare that I’m really attracted to any modern food packaging, but I adore this little halloween themed can of treacle.

It’s not trying too hard with its theming. There’s nothing that shouts ‘novelty’ or ‘tacky’ about it in Continue Reading »

Trick or Treacle Can


Sep 2013

28 Things in 28 Years

Posted by Liam

Last year I did a blog post about 27 things I’d learnt in 27 years and for some reason it seems to be quite popular, so as I turned 28 this month, I thought I’d do a follow up – Continue Reading »

Star Wars Episode V - Tthe Empire Strikes Back Poster


Jul 2013

What Game of Thrones can teach us about being unpredictable

Posted by Liam

I know I’m late to the party with this, but I finally watched THAT Game of Thrones episode the other night, and despite half expecting something shocking due to having heard loads of people talk about something dramatic happening in Continue Reading »

Breaking the grid


Jun 2013

Design can be boring!

Posted by Liam

I saw the following tweet by Jon Hicks a little while ago

“Sometimes design can be boring, and thats OK!”

This reminded me of something that’s been bugging me for ages – Despite many people seeming to assume the opposite, Continue Reading »

Sometimes design can be boring