Why risk using cut price design?



Hardly any sane business owner would choose the most expensive option provided, when given a choice, however any sane business owner would also not accept the lowest priced offer.
It’s never right to just look for the cheapest options when starting a business, as the real success of any business is down to having a good product or service, good customer service and a strong identity.

The latter can only be achieved with professional work and that commands a higher price tag.
In a sea of cut price design, how have business owners been affected by this? Well, cut price means lower quality in the long run and less time spent creating for your business.

For example, do you know anyone that has spent £15 on a business logo or used an instant logo creator? Needless to say that the end product will be an inferior one and will give a negative impression to potential customers. This budget design would only have a few hours design time given to this, where a professional business identity should deserve much more man hours to ensure a high quality end product.

The question is how much you value your customers. Can or should you risk your business reputation with cheap design or does your audience deserve high quality attention. I sincerely hope that most business owners would say yes to the latter.

Creative business owners like myself are seeing more and more dilution, with ridiculously priced design and very poor standards, and this causes harm to our reputations and damage to business owners that take the risk.

Graphic design is a creative skill and is the result of many years of study and learning and are professional skills that are of a huge benefit to the business world and the economy. That point is not just the sole opinion of one Graphic Designer as the central British government launched a scheme urging British design to be a core economic leader for the nation.
The increasing importance of the design sector has been highlighted more recently by UK Design Council research that shows a 30% increase in the number of firms who regard design as integral to their operation.

Would you risk your business buy paying for cut price design?