Protecting Your Saved FTP Sites (Coda/Transmit)


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A few days ago I opened up Coda (a program I use to code websites) to find that it was screaming at me that it was unregistered and all the FTP login details of all my saved website were gone. After a brief outburst (probably involving far to many swearwords) I realised that I would have to search through all my old notes and emails in a vein attempt to uncover the missing info (oh what fun that was)!

After that fun little exercise I decided that I did not really ever want to have to do that again….at all costs so I looked into what could be done to prevent it!

Well thanks to a nice little Twitter chat with one of my mates, I have found out some info/tricks which I am going to share in the hope that it helps to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

As it happens there is really just one file responsible for storing this info: com.panic.Coda.plist – which is located at ~User~/Library/Preferences.
If your using Time Machine, like I was then I should have been able to just hop back in time a little and grab an old copy (If only I had known about that before).

Anyway tips are:

• Make sure you use a backup
• Make sure your backup system backs up your Preference files.
• If you happen to use an FTP program Transmit then your in luck!
Make sure to first add all your sites to Transmit because it turns out that Coda can import favorites from Transmit. A word of warning though – Transmit can’t import favorites from Coda so it’s a nasty one-way system, BUT if Coda fouls up, you should be able to easily copy them from Transmit with literally a few simple clicks.

My mate also informed me that there is another handy feature of using Transmit as your start source for all saved sites. Transmit syncs with MobileMe accounts. So if you have a MobileMe account, all your computers will have the same saved sites on them in Transmit.
Oh and in case your wondering I have never used MobileMe because I feel that it’s well over-priced for the storage space you get and the features that it has, but if you happen to have an account then this is defiantly something you should consider using it for.


Thanks for the update. I should of mentioned the version of Transit in the original post when I wrote it, as that version at the time could not import favourites.

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