Like vs Hate!


A rather short entry this time, but size isn’t important is it? (*Insert dick joke here*)!

Anyway…back to the title – Like and Hate. Despite seeming like total opposites, when put into context of what they’re regarding, aren’t these just two equally useless critiques?

Like vs Hate

Previously, I would of said yes, but thinking about it I would now say no, they’re not equal. Because “I like it” has a positive element and makes people feel good and people that feel good do better work. Also when a person feels good, they subconsciously spread that good feeling. “I hate it” makes people feel bad and people that feel bad do worse work. They also spread that bad feeling, and that benefits nobody. So while I would still say that they are both fairly poor answers in terms of feedback, I would say the consequences make them very different things!

Also, as a little side note, this is also the reason why Facebook will never have an official ‘Dislike’ button, as Facebook wants users to contribute and for them to have a positive experience. Facebook doesn’t want its users to have a negative experience, and if someone disliked grandma’s photo of the cake she baked, that wouldn’t be too positive an experience, now would it?