Paris Roubaix Challenge!


Next week, I’ll be in France, waking up at some insanely early hour and getting on a bike to (attempt to) cycle the 170km distance between Paris and Roubaix (technically, I’ll be starting in Compiègne, but who cares), some of which will be on “roads” like this:

Paris Roubaix Boulders

I’m actually kinda dreading it, but at the same time, I like the idea of a challenge. It’s not just the event that will be hard though, the numerous hours and hundreds of miles of cycling I’ve had to put into training, just to give myself a shot of being able to make it over that finish line is also very challenging, but without that impending sense of urgency of the event fast approaching, I know I’d not of bothered to do half as much cycling as I currently have done so far this year, and that’s not just because of the shitty weather we’ve be subjected too recently!

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that sometimes challenge can be a good thing, although it’s rarely also the easy option, it’s still loads better to give yourself a challenge rather than doing nothing!

I’ll end this post with some of the pictures that make me think I’m probably insane to attempt this on a road bike!

Paris Roubaix is a bit muddy Paris Roubaix Cobbles
Paris Roubaix Carnage
Hopefully, I’ll avoid anything like this during my attempt.

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