And so it ends!


It feels a little aberrant to write this, but I won’t be posting cake recipes online every month next year! I’ll still be baking the occasional cake, but after 24 months and 26 cakes, my little side-project is coming to an end. It started as a simple plan to help encourage me to make at least 1 cake a month for an entire year, but escalated into a full website, and also continued to run for a second year of cakes, following a lot of support from people on social networks who were keen to see more. Website Homepage

It’s been a really fun ride, and I’ve learnt a ton of things, ranging from simple baking tips and tricks, to better web coding geekery. 12cakes was the first responsive website I properly made, and there’s a lot of things that I’d like to improve on it, but it gave me a starting point to build from, and it’s stood up to two years of use pretty well.

I’m not ruling out returning to the project one day in the future, but for now I need a break from baking and posting new recipes each month.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank-you to the people that supported me and the project, especially all of the guest bakers who contributed such wonderful cakes during the last year. All of the people listed below have been absolute stars and the last year of couldn’t have happened without them!

Thanks guys, you all rock!

Cake Slices

The Guest bakers: