Solving an issue involving Grunt and the Sass cache


I’ve recently been trying out Grunt instead of the tried and trusted CodeKit as there’s a few things I really like about it, one of which is how customisable it is.

I set Grunt us to watch my Sass/Scss files and compile whenever I saved them.

Grunt - Sass basic setup

Sadly, one issue I was struggling with was a problem when I was getting grunt to watch a project and the Sass cache would create an error with the compilation. I’ve no idea why this is, so I can only assume this is to do with the name of the file always changing each time the project is saved. either way, it was a real pain in the ass

Sass cache Grunt error

After searching for a solution online and finding nothing, I finally noticed that it was possible to add a line to the setup file that makes it not cache the Sass files, so I’m adding this post in case anyone else is suffering with the same issue that I was having. Alternatively, if there’s a better solution to this then please feel free to let me know about it and I can update this post.

Grunt, Sass advanced setup