Self-signed certificates for SSL on MAMP


An example of a secure web url

Getting SSL on MAMP can be a pain. For local development you can use self signed certs. To overcome the problems relating to local dev on OSX. I do the following:

Please note, I am using Google Chrome for this and have not tested in on any other browsers.

  1. Create your certificate and serve it up.
  2. Navigate to the https url.
  3. Open dev tools > security > view certificate.
    SSL on MAMP using Chrome dev tools screen
  4. Drag the certificate icon to the desktop and double click on it, this will open up keychain access.
  5. Drag the certificate icon to login, open up log-in and double click on the certificate (it should be named with the dev domain or similar) open up the trust dropdown and select always trust. Go back to your app close the window and re-open with https, you should now have ‘faux’ https for your dev domain.
    Setting the SSL certificate to be trusted locally