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My Bristol Room

Ark at ee! Or, why I’m now based in Bristol


For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that I’ve considered Bristol to be my home for ages, this is despite me actually living out in a small village in the middle of nowhere, about 30 minutes drive from Bristol. That all changed on the 9th of this month as I moved into… Continue Reading +

Jamie Foxx - Django Unchained

The Negative Web


I was reading an interview with Jamie Foxx where he spoke about the controversy and arguments about the movie Django Unchained that he stars in. Several critics have said that the film is racist and disrespectful. I’m not going to comment on the film, but I loved this quote he gave: As a black person,… Continue Reading +

WordPress URL Functions

Getting your site URL in WordPress


I’ve worked with WordPress for years, and one of the most common problems I see when looking at others code is the way they chose to get the path to their theme directory or the url of the site. A lot of front-end developers still don’t seem to really know what the best way is… Continue Reading +

Sass (Scss)

How to Update SASS (SCSS)


A few months ago, I stopped using LESS as my CSS preprocessor of choice and started using SASS (SCSS) instead. I’d initially been put off using SCSS as it required using the Terminal. Now if you’re a developer I realise that might seem trivial, but to me it felt like being asked to be able… Continue Reading +

Learn about Hex colours and hex color codes

All about HEX


I’ve been working in photoshop and on the web for years, and I’ll hold my hand up in admitting that I never really knew how hex colour codes worked. If you don’t work on the web then you maybe wondering that hex colours are? Well when you are looking at the source for pages around… Continue Reading +

27 Things I've Learnt

27 things I’ve learnt in 27 years


I turned 27 yesterday. Whaaa? When did that happen? It only feels like yesterday that I was still in Uni spending far too much time on my PS2 and playing geeky card games like Magic the Gathering…yeah, I was one of ‘those’ people (still am). Confession: I love my twenties. Love, love, love them. I’ll… Continue Reading +

5 More Minutes!

Just 5 Minutes More!


I’ll let you in on a little secret – I never considered myself naturally good at design (still don’t). At first that made me question if I was entering into the right career, but watching the olympics a few weeks back made me realise that this lack of natural talent has probably been a blessing… Continue Reading +