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Font sizing with REM using LESS or SCSS

Make Font Sizing with REM easy with SCSS or LESS


Before you start worrying, this isn’t going to be a huge blog post about the best methods for sizing text for the web….there’s already plenty of those around! I also realise that there’s been plenty of debate around which font unit is best, but in all honesty I don’t care about that. I’ve tried using… Continue Reading +

Reverse date order of Wordpress posts

Thing I learnt while making


It’s probably quite obvious about how busy I’ve been recently when you consider it’s taken me well over two months to get the time to write up this blog post on a little side project I launched way back at the start of April called The concept behind the site is a simple one…. Continue Reading +

Email Obfuscation Guide

How to Obfuscate Email Addresses


One of the most common things I see on so many websites that screams ‘bad practice’ and infuriates the hell out of me is email addresses without any form of Obfuscation. Firstly I’d ask the question, does it have to be an email, as when it comes to providing a spam-free and easy way for… Continue Reading +

Design client demands

Put it on the homepage!


Why is the client request nearly always: Can you put this on the homepage for us please? and not: We have some new content ready for our website that we would like to feature, where do you suggest is the best place to put it? Typically, we designers are hired in the first place because… Continue Reading +

Cycling the Lionheart sportive

The Endura Lionheart Sportive 2012


Sunday 18th March saw me waking up at the godforsaken time of close to 5am and questioning my sanity for doing this of my own will. The reason for this madness was so that I could travel to Longleat near Warminster, not simply to enjoy the splendour of the Longleat Estate, but to take part… Continue Reading +

Life Template

Life is not a template!


I spent a lovely long weekend in Brighton a few days ago , hanging out with some friends and generally relaxing and having a break from work, although I did get roped into quickly fixing a WordPress theme while I was there! During one of our deep and meaningful completely random conversations, one of my… Continue Reading +