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New Adventures in Web Design Conference 2012

A list for web designers – NaConf 2012


Compared to my other conference write-ups, (FOWA, inSites, WDC2011), where I basically just wrote up who spoke and what the talks were about, I’ve decided to do something a little different for my write up of the New Adventure in Web Design Conference 2012 (NaConf). Why? Well for a few reasons. One, that I felt… Continue Reading +

Bristol Odeon



Last Friday myself and developer Lyndon Cox (he’s too cool for Twitter apparently) attended the Web Developers Conference (WDC2011) in Bristol. Big thanks to our chief at Love Creative UK for very kindly providing us with the tickets! Hang-on, I hear you say, wasn’t the last blog post about a web conference….Liam do you actually… Continue Reading +

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FOWA – London 2011


Last week I attended the Future of Web Apps (FOWA for short) in London for the first time. In fact it was actually only my second ever web conference, but if the quality of it is anything to go by, then it will certainly not be my last! I arrived early as I was half… Continue Reading +