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Heatherworks Website



Heather Kingsley-Heath is a renowned jewellery maker and beadworker. She travels the world sharing her love of these crafts and teaching others via small workshops. She also sells her patterns and designs online, but her current e-commerce WordPress website was not working. Sometimes when a business has a dated website, it’s a few minor issues… Continue Reading +

Clover House Website

Clover House Charity


Children getting ill with something like a cough or cold is hardly a rare thing, as I’m sure any parent would tell you. Fortunately there is also a vast array of medicine available to treat such illnesses. Sadly the same cannot be said if a child develops any mental or emotional problems. A mental problem… Continue Reading +

Warren Farm Website Design

Warren Farm Somerset


James Small from Warren Farm contacted Love Creative UK (the company I work for) about designing and building him a WordPress website for his farm in the heart of the Mendip Hills. The farm had several clear points to convey; One is that is offers a luxury campsite, the second is the great range of… Continue Reading +