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Children getting ill with something like a cough or cold is hardly a rare thing, as I’m sure any parent would tell you. Fortunately there is also a vast array of medicine available to treat such illnesses.

Sadly the same cannot be said if a child develops any mental or emotional problems. A mental problem can effect a child far into adulthood if not treated correctly.

Since 1996, Clover House, a local, Bristol based children’s charity has been providing a unique service for children, teenagers and their families. Clover House focuses on improving the health, happiness and wellbeing of children with the use of natural therapies.

They approached Love Creative UK (the company I work for) because their old website was showing its age and as a result, several other issues were occurring:

  1. It was hard to find out exactly what service Clover House provided.
  2. Making a donation was hidden away in a page seldom visited.
  3. Finding out how to book an appointment could have been easier.

The first thing we did together was to come up with a better structure for the site, one that had a better hierarchy and brought the important information to the front.

The old site was not responsive, which is to say, it did not work well on mobile phones or tablets, despite a large percentage of their audience using such devices.

Clover House Website Wireframes
Wireframes for Clover House that explore the page layouts.

We created multiple wireframe layouts and concepts to ensure that the new website worked well across all different devices, and that the navigation options were clear and easy to use.

Clover House were not short of assets, such as photos, case studies and testimonials from previous people they’d helped, but most of it was either hidden or going unused. We made a big effort to include a lot more of these great resources within the new website.

Since the new site was launched, visitor numbers have increased by more than 40% and new visitors to the site have increased by over 50%.

Clover House Website responsive spread
The Clover House WordPress website when viewed across a range of devices.

The number of unique page views has decreased by around 23%, and the average amount of time visitors spent on the site has decreased by just under 20%. At first this might not seem like a great result, but as the navigation on the old site was one of its weakest points, these stats show that users are now able to find what they are looking for in a faster time using the new site’s improved navigation. This creates a much better user experience for them.

I’m happy that the work we did is paying off and that Clover House now have a WordPress website that can do their service justice.

Get in touch if you’re interested in having your own WordPress website designed.

This project was done at Love Creative UK and not as a freelancer — They’re kindly letting me showcase it here.