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Heatherworks Website - Hero

Heather Kingsley-Heath is a renowned jewellery maker and beadworker. She travels the world sharing her love of these crafts and teaching others via small workshops.

She also sells her patterns and designs online, but her current e-commerce WordPress website was not working. Sometimes when a business has a dated website, it’s a few minor issues that are bugging them, but in Heather’s case, her website literally wasn’t working! (Turns out it was multiple plugins conflicting with each other that was causing the entire site to fail).

She approached Love Creative UK (the company I work for) because she wanted an e-commerce WordPress website that worked. Having already gone down the route of off-the-shelf themes and plugins, she decided that getting professionals on the case was the best way forward.

After discussing the requirements with her, we decided that starting the entire site from scratch would be best. Once the finer details had been sorted out, we produced a site map and functionality list which the site needed to include, such as e-commerce and a blog.

The next stage was to nail down what the site layout would be. We did this via a series of wireframes. The advantage of wireframes is that they’re quick to make and easy to change, so we could play around with multiple layouts and ensure that they worked across a range of screen sizes, such as mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Heatherworks Website Wireframes
Design notes and rough wireframes for the new “Heatherworks” website.

After all of the page layouts had been sorted, we take took them into Photoshop to design some of the finer details, such as colours, typography and spacing.

We ensured that Heather was kept abreast during each of these stages so that she could provide helpful feedback and input. This method ensured that by the time we’d got to the final designs, that was no big reveal or shock in store for her as she’d worked with us to ensure the design met her requirements at each stage of the process.

Heatherworks e-commerce WordPress website - Product Page
A responsive design for the product page

With the approved design visuals in hand, we moved on to the coding and development phase. I setup a test version of the e-commerce WordPress website on one of Love Creative UK’s private servers and provided Heather with access so she could keep track of the progress being made on it.

Once the coding had been finished (including cross-browser checking and bug fixes), I moved the site over to her own hosting to replace her old, barely functioning website.

Since then, the new site has been performing much much much better than the old one, although that’s hardly saying much considering the quality of the older site. However, even when compared against a site performance checker, the results speak for themselves!

Heatherworks Website Speed Testing Tool
Heatherworks results from a popular website speed testing tool

Get in touch if you’re interested in getting your own e-commerce WordPress website.

This project was done at Love Creative UK and not as a freelancer — They’re kindly letting me showcase it here.