Warren Farm Somerset

A WordPress website for a somerset farm in the Mendip Hills that offers farming, camping and filming.

Warren Farm Website Design

James Small from Warren Farm contacted Love Creative UK (the company I work for) about designing and building him a WordPress website for his farm in the heart of the Mendip Hills.

The farm had several clear points to convey; One is that is offers a luxury campsite, the second is the great range of filming locations for tv and film and the third is that on top of all that it’s also a fully working and operational farm that has several different kinds of livestock including cows and sheep.

Working collaboratively with the client, I sketched up some rough page layouts, exploring early on how the responsive elements of the design might work and getting a feel for how the page layouts needed to adapt.

Warren Farm Somerset Website Wireframes
Rough wireframes exploring the layout of the pages.

After wireframing, I started high level visual exploration. I explored patterns, relationships between text, imagery, iconography to start to build a visual language for the beta website. After several discussions with James as Warren Farm, I iterated these into higher level visuals and honed them in to more specific page designs.

Much of the design work explored how to convey the natural beauty of the farm, looking closely at imagery, displaying wide angled photography to help given an idea of the facilities and location.

Warren Farm Somerset WordPress Website

I tried to keep the design of the website clean and simple so that visitors could easily navigate their way around it and find what they were looking for. As this is WordPress website, James has the ability to easily log in and update the content himself whenever he needs to.

Get in touch if you’re interested in having your own WordPress website.

This project was done at Love Creative UK and not as a freelancer — They’re kindly letting me showcase it here.