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My Bristol Room

Ark at ee! Or, why I’m now based in Bristol


For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that I’ve considered Bristol to be my home for ages, this is despite me actually living out in a small village in the middle of nowhere, about 30 minutes drive from Bristol. That all changed on the 9th of this month as I moved into… Continue Reading +

Bristol's Christmas Steps

How do you do your Christmas shopping?


OMG it’s December 24th and I’ve still not finished/started my Christmas shopping!! That has been the experience of how Christmas shopping has gone for me in years gone past! However the ever increase of online shops has seen me progressively getting better and better at this present buying malarkey, to such an extent that I… Continue Reading +

Bristol Odeon



Last Friday myself and developer Lyndon Cox (he’s too cool for Twitter apparently) attended the Web Developers Conference (WDC2011) in Bristol. Big thanks to our chief at Love Creative UK for very kindly providing us with the tickets! Hang-on, I hear you say, wasn’t the last blog post about a web conference….Liam do you actually… Continue Reading +

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Free WiFi in Bristol


Short URL: A really handy public mapping service of all the places in Bristol that provide a free WiFi service. Most places listed are cafes but it can be any public location that provided a free WiFi service. Most of the places already have notes about power and the facilities provided but if not… Continue Reading +