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Paris Roubaix Challenge – The Conclusion


Following on from my previous blog post, last Saturday I was waking up at 4.30am and putting on layers of cycling clothing while still bleary eyed and feeling a little bit ill from the insanely early time, after less than 4 hours sleep due to having been still setting up my bike at gone midnight…. Continue Reading +

Paris Roubaix Cobbles

Paris Roubaix Challenge!


Next week, I’ll be in France, waking up at some insanely early hour and getting on a bike to (attempt to) cycle the 170km distance between Paris and Roubaix (technically, I’ll be starting in Compiègne, but who cares), some of which will be on “roads” like this: I’m actually kinda dreading it, but at the… Continue Reading +

Cycling the Lionheart sportive

The Endura Lionheart Sportive 2012


Sunday 18th March saw me waking up at the godforsaken time of close to 5am and questioning my sanity for doing this of my own will. The reason for this madness was so that I could travel to Longleat near Warminster, not simply to enjoy the splendour of the Longleat Estate, but to take part… Continue Reading +

Goslings - 2011

2011 in a list!


A lot of people use the start of a new year to make resolutions and set themselves fresh goals to try and achieve, but I want to take a little time to look back at what I did during 2011 as last year was a relatively big one for me personally! Now I know some… Continue Reading +

Liam Jay and Rod Love - Tour of Wessex

Tour of Wessex 2011 – Conclusion


As anyone who has read my previous post will know, last weekend myself and 2 others attempted to complete all 3 stages of the tour of Wessex and despite one member pulling out after the first day with an injury I’m please to announce that the rest of us struggled on and made it over… Continue Reading +

Cheddar gorge

The Tour of Wessex


On the 28th – 30th May 2011 Myself (Liam Jay), Joel Campbell and Rod Love will be taking part in a challenging cycling event called the Tour of Wessex, which covers 329 miles in 3 days. As if a one-day ride was just not enough of a challenge, the three-day Tour of Wessex offers the… Continue Reading +