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Web Tools - Sass, Gulp, Grunt and React

KISS your workflow


Do I need to use Grunt? Do I need to use Gulp? Do I need to use Sass? Do I need to use React? I see people asking these type of questions a lot, and I think the answer should be to ask what problems each of those things is trying to solve and do… Continue Reading +

Final Final Final Final PSD

Good File Structure For Design Visuals


A couple of days ago, I saw the above image by Yash Bhardwaj who created this humorous little illustration showing what everyone who has ever worked on a design project will have experienced at one time or another. I know as I used to be guilty of doing the same thing, and I figured there… Continue Reading +

Trick or Treacle Can

Trick or Treacle packaging design


It’s quite rare that I’m really attracted to any modern food packaging, but I adore this little halloween themed can of treacle. It’s not trying too hard with its theming. There’s nothing that shouts ‘novelty’ or ‘tacky’ about it in my mind. The type is well considered and the lettering and illustrations are so wonderfully… Continue Reading +

Breaking the grid

What Game of Thrones can teach us about being unpredictable


I know I’m late to the party with this, but I finally watched THAT Game of Thrones episode the other night, and despite half expecting something shocking due to having heard loads of people talk about something dramatic happening in the third season, I still wasn’t fully prepared for what unfolded! SPOILER ALERT! I like… Continue Reading +

Sometimes design can be boring

Design can be boring!


I saw the following tweet by Jon Hicks a little while ago “Sometimes design can be boring, and thats OK!” This reminded me of something that’s been bugging me for ages – Despite many people seeming to assume the opposite, when I call myself a designer, that doesn’t mean that I should also be considered… Continue Reading +

Learn about Hex colours and hex color codes

All about HEX


I’ve been working in photoshop and on the web for years, and I’ll hold my hand up in admitting that I never really knew how hex colour codes worked. If you don’t work on the web then you maybe wondering that hex colours are? Well when you are looking at the source for pages around… Continue Reading +

Reverse date order of Wordpress posts

Thing I learnt while making


It’s probably quite obvious about how busy I’ve been recently when you consider it’s taken me well over two months to get the time to write up this blog post on a little side project I launched way back at the start of April called The concept behind the site is a simple one…. Continue Reading +