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Sharing on Facebook without Javascript

Adding a share link to Facebook without using JavaScript


Recently I had to add a Facebook sharing link into a webpage where Javascript was not available, and I wasn’t sure if it was possible. After some researching I discovered that it was indeed possible if all you need is the basic functionality, and really, why would you want to overcomplicate things? The following method… Continue Reading +

I love Twitter

I like Twitter more than Facebook!


After several years of using both of the social networking behemoths, I have decided that unlike the vast majority of people I speak with, I prefer Twitter over Facebook. Why? Because Twitter makes me feel happy! Facebook? Not nearly as much. A lot of people don’t get Twitter, just look at the amount of accounts… Continue Reading +

Is the future of social networking?

The future of social network integration in websites


As a web designer/developer, one of the most common things I get asked to do during web projects is to integrate social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter ect..) into a websites design and build. At some points it almost seems like it’s the new web 2.0 trend all over again, as even websites for your pet… Continue Reading +