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Sharing on Facebook without Javascript

Adding a share link to Facebook without using JavaScript


Recently I had to add a Facebook sharing link into a webpage where Javascript was not available, and I wasn’t sure if it was possible. After some researching I discovered that it was indeed possible if all you need is the basic functionality, and really, why would you want to overcomplicate things? The following method… Continue Reading +

Trick or Treacle Can

Trick or Treacle packaging design


It’s quite rare that I’m really attracted to any modern food packaging, but I adore this little halloween themed can of treacle. It’s not trying too hard with its theming. There’s nothing that shouts ‘novelty’ or ‘tacky’ about it in my mind. The type is well considered and the lettering and illustrations are so wonderfully… Continue Reading +

Sometimes design can be boring

Design can be boring!


I saw the following tweet by Jon Hicks a little while ago “Sometimes design can be boring, and thats OK!” This reminded me of something that’s been bugging me for ages – Despite many people seeming to assume the opposite, when I call myself a designer, that doesn’t mean that I should also be considered… Continue Reading +

5 More Minutes!

Just 5 Minutes More!


I’ll let you in on a little secret – I never considered myself naturally good at design (still don’t). At first that made me question if I was entering into the right career, but watching the olympics a few weeks back made me realise that this lack of natural talent has probably been a blessing… Continue Reading +