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Vertical Dividers On Horizontal List Items

Vertical dividers on horizontal List


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to create a horizontal navigation menu with vertical dividers between the list items. The ones where the end result should look something like this: Item 1 | Item 2 | Item 3 | Item 4 | Item 5 I’ve tried many different ways of achieving… Continue Reading +

Code wrapping

Sublime Text 3 – wrapping selection in tag shortcut


As a front-end web developer, something I seem to end up doing a lot of times is wrapping individual lines, or wrapping a section of code with HTML tags. For example, I might have received a text document from a client with copy for their website and I need to wrap the supplied content in… Continue Reading +

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Setting a fallback on Links


When I was writing one of my previous entries about my experience of the InSites tour, I made the word “InSites” link to the lovely website that was used to promote the tour and sell the tickets. There is obvious advantages to doing this, as it makes it easy for readers to check out what… Continue Reading +