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Apple's iPod Classic

A forlorn farewell to the iPod Classic


The original iPod music player debuted 13 years ago, in October 2001, and on September 9th 2014, Apple quietly discontinued the iPod classic after unveiling the new iPhone 6. I’m not an overly sentimental person, especially when it comes to technology – I’m normally of the opinion that the old needs to make way for… Continue Reading +

Design client demands

Put it on the homepage!


Why is the client request nearly always: Can you put this on the homepage for us please? and not: We have some new content ready for our website that we would like to feature, where do you suggest is the best place to put it? Typically, we designers are hired in the first place because… Continue Reading +

Gamers vs Non-Gamers

Gaming – or why I waste my time!


I’ve been a console gamer ever since I first encountered my friends Sega Megadrive, although it wasn’t until my dad got me and my sister a PS1 that I truly got into gaming! Some of my friends are gamers and some are not, and a comment I often hear from the “non-gamers” after a conversation… Continue Reading +